Support & FAQ's

If you need assistance you’re in the right place. We’ve made it super easy with our extensive FAQ’s and Support Channel via Discord.

General FAQ's

What is Gameway

Gameway is a mobile gaming hub created to provide a unique and truly personalised experience for anyone who loves mobile games. It doesn’t matter if you are the social, hardcore, competitive or parent kind of gamer. We give you the best experience finding the games you really want to play! Connecting you with the best gaming services, hardware and gifts, to make playing them even more rewarding.

Who is Gameway for?

Everyone! We welcome any age and recognise that mobile games can be enjoyed by all. What fascinates us is the development of games in Augmented and Virtual reality, cross platform with TV and PC and educational technologies, all on mobile!

Is my personal data safe?

First of all, yes your information is safe! And our only interest is finding you the most appropriate games for you to enjoy. The type of data we receive is fairly basic, aligned with general social media. We have also taken additional precautions to protect our users (you) through very efficient security methods (See Mobolize Wifi Security).

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

What is Discord?

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. You can learn more about Discord here. And of course, we invite you to join the Gameway community on Discord here.

Support Channel

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Technical FAQ's

What is Artificial Intelligence

Also known as AI, it is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

Machine Learning is one part of AI. Its algorithms are generally programmed in the Python programming language. The technology itself is not new, but is continuously developing and consistently see’s breakthroughs that allows us to improve the way software is produced.

Gameway isn't working, what should I do?

If you can, go to the ‘Submit Feedback’ section in the app and send us a message explaining exactly what is not working. If you cannot get into the app please message us via our Contact page explaining what happened before the app stopped working and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

When is Gameway for iOS coming out?

We are extremely close to releasing Gameway for iOS. If you’d like to be involved in BETA testing Gameway before anyone else please fill out this form

Will Gameway be released on Console and/or Steam?

Right now Gameway will only be on mobile, working towards improving the way our product works and aligning this with the emergence of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

How will Gameway work with AR & VR?

We seek to help you find which games are best to play even on these platforms. Gameway is able to distinguish between normal mobile games, Virtual and Augmented games, one way we do this is through the phones internal compass which can show us that you are using a headset.

Does Gameway include parental controls?

Gameway follows the PEGI rating system, and games downloaded through Gameway are sourced from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, therefore for further parental controls please follow this link and learn how to manage the settings. Set up parental controls on Google Play

I have a feature request, what should I do?

We’d love to hear your ideas, either send them to us in the ‘Submit Feedback’ section in the app or reach out via our Contact page.

ANDi Games Ltd FAQ's

Who are ANDi Games Ltd?

ANDi Games Ltd is the company behind Gameway. You can learn more about the company, the founders and team behind Gameway and our partners by visiting our About page

I'm an Indie Developer, will you review my game?

Absolutely we will! We have a content team ready to review your Android and/or iOS games. Just head on over to and submit as much detail as you can. Our review service is free and therefore we cannot offer any timescales for publishing the review. We’ll be in touch when your review is ready and about to go live on the Gameway Blog and via our social media accounts.

I'm a journalist and would like to talk to you about Gameway

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about ANDi Games Ltd and our app; Gameway. If you would like to arrange an interview with one of our Founders, or have further questions and queries, please contact our Chief Marketing Officer; Kristian Wingfield-Bennett.

I'm an investor. Where can I find your deck?

We would to discuss investment opportunities with you. You can view our latest figures and download our desk from here. Additionally you can view our F6S, Angel and LinkedIn profiles to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Are you recruiting?

Not right now, but we would still love to hear from you! There may be a time that we need your expertise, and if we can we are happy to connect you onwards. Alternatively if you are looking for work experience or volunteering we would still appreciate hearing from you so swing by our Contact Page and send us a message. 

Mobolize FAQ's

What is Mobolize?

Mobolize is software installed on your phone as part of the Gameway installation.  Mobolize automatically reduces the response time and amount of data your device uses when browsing or running apps. Mobolize’s patented technology automatically creates dedicated caches for your favourite websites and apps, so content can be retrieved directly from your device. This innovative solution stops the needless redelivery of data from the network, which consumes your data plan and slows down your browsing and applications.

So Mobolize reduces my phones data usage?

Yes. Mobolize’s patented technology automatically creates dedicated caches for your most visited websites and applications, reducing network traffic and latency. These dedicated caches ensure more content is saved and served from storage on your phone or tablet, which stops the needless re-download of data every time you visit a website or use an application. This means your phone will use less data when browsing and running applications

Can Mobolize access or see my personal data?

Data cached by Mobolize is only saved on your phone or tablet and is never copied or saved to our or other third-party servers. Also, Mobolize only caches unencrypted HTTP data requested by your browsers or apps and does not cache any encrypted data (SSL or HTTPS).

Please refer to the Mobolize Privacy Policy for additional information. 

For more information, questions or suggestions, please visit the Mobolize support website or write to their support team at [email protected].

Been through all the FAQ’s and still can’t find what you need? Don’t worry, you can still Contact Us for additional support.