Gameway for Game Developers

From the one person indie developer working from their bedroom, to the 100 strong studio working with views of the city, we love and admire your work, determination and talent. We want to help and play a part in ensuring your games are seen by as many people as possible.

Gameway helps people find the games they love! After installing Gameway, our app learns what mobile games players enjoy the most and tailor what they see to help them enjoy even more. For indie developers that means we can help facilitate higher downloads, increased engagement and improved retention. Allowing you to continue creating games people will love and keep!

How we help game developers, like you!

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Join our mobile game developer community on Discord. Chat, share ideas and seek support from over 300+ game developers, designers, artists, freelancer marketers and bloggers, streamers and members of the press.

Join Gameway on Discord.

We are always looking for the best opportunities for developers, like our recent partnership with Seeds. Seeds builds social good directly into your app and increases in-app sales by up to 30%.

To learn more about Seeds click here.

Featured Game Slot

You will be included in our Featured Game for 7 days. Gameway users will also be notified your game has been added via our in-app notification system.

Newsletter Inclusion

Featured within the Gameway newsletter. It can include an image of the game, a small blurb and a call to action to download your game.

Developer Interview

Developer interview featured The interview itself will be conducted by email, or Skype and will consist of generic and personalised questions.

Landing Page

Full landing page on to showcase your game. Can include download links, images, videos, quotes, updates and more!

Exhibition Space at Gameway Events

Demo your game at GameJams, networking sessions & Hackathon’s. Free spaces issued on a first come first served basis. Separate event costs will apply.
Coming Soon

Analytics & A.I backed A/B testing

This will include full user journey analysis including statistics within the application, user gaming preferences and more, including exclusive push notifications!

Social Promotion

Includes posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. Linking either directly to your website landing page or straight to your game.

Press Release Support

We can aid you by reviewing and suggesting edits to your first press release and submit it on your behalf to GamesPress, Gamasutra, and others

Banner Advert

Get an advert on our magazine style blog. Adverts can link to either your website, hosted page with Gameway or directly to download your game.

What game developers are saying

It is almost always difficult to market a game, especially if you spend all your time developing it. Finding the right people and communities to connect with is so critical to success. Gameway has not only helped us get seen out in the world, but also connected us with so many brilliant and helpful individuals that love our game!

Gameway have been a great help for us with social media promotions, building test audiences & gaining feedback on the projects during development. The Official Gameway Discord community has a bunch of great people from gamers to game developers & it’s been helpful for bouncing ideas & concepts around. Such a positive & welcoming atmosphere is rare but such a valuable thing to have & you really can’t put a price on that.

The super friendly staff provided us with a warm-hearted welcome and we soon found out that this is a great place to be as a small indie studio. You’re able to share ideas with other developers, get decent feedback for the projects you’re currently working on, promote your games on social media and Gameway is instantly lending you a hand wherever they can. They even put together a professional review of our game!

The Gameway team has been extremely helpful with raising awareness prior to our launch of Brave Explorers. If you develop for mobile platforms, I highly recommend that you learn more about the work Gameway does to support mobile game developers – you won’t regret it.

Gameway Developer Packages



Professional, Unbiased & Full Game Review

Developer Interview / Feature

Basic Social Media Promotion

Discord: Game Developer Exclusive Offers & Channels

7 Day Social Media Campaign 

(2,000,000+ reach)

In-App Featured Game Slot

(inc. in-app notification)

Landing Page

Newsletter (7k Subcribers)

Press Release Assistance

7 Day Banner Advert

1 Week Hot-Desk at Gameway HQ

1 Day Marketing Workshop

1 Day Product Development Workshop

1 Day Business Planning Workshop

Personal Introductions to TIGA & Ukie

Exhibition Space at Gameway Events for 12 Months

Speaker Slots at Gameway Events for 12 Months




our most popular package, and for good reason. help jumpstart your games chances of success with our tailor built offering for mobile indie developers

Queue Jump the waiting list!

Queue jump the waiting list!



Our collaborative package includes everything in the £99 tier plus some 1 on 1 workshops with the gameway team & partners

Queue Jump the waiting list!

Queue jump the waiting list!

Need further information or want to talk to us about our packages? Head on over to our Contact Us page and send us a message.